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Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

  • Our Spa Treatments:
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  • Body Treatments
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Take advantage of our extensive offerings in stress-melting Phoenix spa treatments. The Tocasierra Spa at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort boasts a variety of thoughtful services for everyone - from teen facials to special services for a groom-to-be. We also offer a full-service Salon for your cosmetic, nail and hair needs.

Reserve your revitalizing spa treatments by calling 602-906-3820 or peruse a variety of spa deals & packages .

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Massage Experiences

Tandem Massage

50 minutes for $250
Enjoy twice the pampering with this relaxing and deeply nurturing massage. Two massage therapists work in a synchronized rhythm, dedicating four hands to gently melt your aches and pains away.


Hot Stone Massage

50 minutes for $125
80 minutes for $180
Feel rekindled as heated, smooth, basalt stones are placed on your body's stress points, creating a warm, penetrating sensation in muscles and tissues while the therapist massages with hot stones. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of greater intensity than with regular massage.


Tocasierra Signature Hot Oil Massage

80 minutes for $165
Spoil yourself with this ultimate indulgence. This amazing treatment will soothe achy muscles, reduce stress, and promote pure relaxation. Treatment also includes an Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment and paraffin therapy for the hands.


Ayurvedic Scalp, Shoulder & Neck Treatment

20 minutes for $65
Feel the stress melt away with our scalp, neck and shoulder massage using our specially-formulated blend of herbs and oils. This treatment will quickly relieve stress, tension, improve circulation, and condition the skin and scalp.


Maternity Massage

50 minutes for $100
This massage is designed for the mother-to-be. It addresses the sore and achy areas of the body that come with pregnancy and relieves any discomfort including swelling, lower back pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, and posture.

To complete this experience for total body relaxation and to celebrate the joy of being a mother, enjoy our Maternity Massage & Pedicure Combo for $140

Therapeutic Massage

20 Minutes $65
50 Minutes $100
80 Minutes $160
This medium to deep muscle relaxation technique concentrates on alleviating tension, releasing tightness and reducing muscle pain resulting from exertion or exercise. Gain an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.


Swedish Massage

20 Minutes $65
50 Minutes $100
80 Minutes $160
This soothing, gentle massage is designed to promote deep relaxation, stimulate circulation and vitality. Pressure can range from light to medium. Great for beginners!


Aromatherapy Massage

20 Minutes $65
50 Minutes $100
80 Minutes $160
In this treatment, a gentle yet penetrating scent of uniquely, blended essential oils is combined with an ultra relaxing massage. This massage will reduce the effects of stress, tension, and fatigue while stimulating your senses. The fragrances will linger in your memory long after the massage is complete.


Ultimate Reflexology/Massage Combo

20 Minutes $65
50 Minutes $100
80 Minutes $160
A combination of massage and methodical techniques are applied to the hands and feet to balance the whole body. This rejuvenating massage utilizes pressure points that correspond to every major body organ. The pressure points help relieve tight muscles, improve circulation, and clear the mind.


Table Thai

50 minutes for $120
The ultimate subliminal body workout. This ancient healing practice combines a blend of deep tissue massage using pressure points and stretching techniques. It relieves muscle tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit. After this treatment, the body will feel energetic, while the mind gently returns to a relaxed state. Loose, comfortable fitting clothing is recommended.



50 minutes for $140
Experience true relaxation as a stream of warm herbal oil is concentrated on the center of the forehead (the third eye, center of consciousness), combined with gentle marma point massage. This elegantly simple treatment recharges the body, brings clarity to the mind and offers the ideal situation to experience your inner being. Rejuvenation therapy is great for any head or neck problems such as insomnia and headache.


Cranial Sacral Therapy

50 minutes for $125
This therapy can affect all aspects of the body by enhancing general health, reducing stress and improving brain and spinal cord function. Cranial Sacral can also alleviate conditions which are often resistant to conventional treatment. These include migraine headaches, TMJ, fibromyalgia and general anxiety.
This treatment is noninvasive, gentle and highly effective, making it suitable for adults, children, elderly, and people facing health crises. It can provide effective, lasting solutions for your problems allowing you to feel better quickly.

Non-Invasive Modalities for People Living with Cancer

Comfort-oriented massage or touch can be administered to people with cancer regardless of the severity of their condition. Our qualified therapists specialize in caring for anyone who has or is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Massages can be given to people before, during, and after chemotherapy, before and after radiation, and before and after surgical and diagnostic procedures. Many people with cancer find massage to be a beneficial way to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. In certain cases, massage is also very beneficial for people experiencing lymphedema.

Tocasierra proudly offers treatments designed to combat the symptoms of the disease and help patients regain a sense of self-confidence and control over their healing. (Doctor consultation recommended)

Pampering Touch Massage.........50 minutes for $85
Simple Retreat Milk & Honey Scrub...........20 minutes for $55
Custom Blend Facial..............50 minutes for $85
Comforting Pedicure...............50 minutes for $45

In-Suite Massages

For the ultimate in relaxation, we'll bring the spa to you! Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your suite.
*Must be booked in advance, same-gender therapist

A Couple's Sanctuary

3 hours for 2 people - $610
Experience the joy and serenity of a massage, body treatment, or facial with a friend or loved one in the privacy of our couple's room. The shared experience allows each of you to select any service on our menu and enjoy being pampered together while creating a lasting memory.

Rekindle the romance that everyday stresses drain away with our "Couples Package." It will be an unforgettable experience. This package begins with our Ultimate Reflexology & Massage Combo followed by our Remineralizing Body Wrap and ends with our Custom Blend Facial for that ultimate glow!

Couples Massage Workshop

2 hours for 2 people - $285
Can you think of a better way to spend date night? This is one class you will both be glad you took the time to take. Learn how to give a sensuous massage to each other that is good for the giver as well as the receiver. Various massage techniques and body positioning will be taught to make it an enjoyable session.

This is great for couples looking to grow their abilities to communicate with each other via touch. As a parting gift, the couple receives a bottle of Tocasierra's massage oil. No massage experience needed.

Body Treatments

At Tocasierra Spa & Salon, all body wraps and scrubs include a dry brush massage to increase circulation, and finish with a hydrating lotion application. While wrapped, you'll receive a relaxing scalp and foot massage for total relaxation to complete this experience.

Milk & Honey Hydrating Masque

50 minutes for $135
Indulge your skin with the natural goodness of milk & honey. This hydrating therapy dates back to Cleopatra; it's the ultimate in relaxation and hydration. First your body is gently polished with a milk & honey scrub followed with a milk & honey alpha hydroxy wrap. Tucked inside a thermal blanket, oils penetrate the skin as the mind drifts into a state of deep relaxation. Following a light shower, you will then enjoy a moisturizing treatment guaranteed to leave your skin supple, smooth, and glowing.


Thalassotherapy Seaweed Body Treatment

50 minutes for $115
Fresh seaweed is warmed to body temperature and then smoothed over the body. Then a thermal blanket is wrapped around to relieve stress and invigorate sore and stiff muscles. A shower completes the experience? leaving you feeling newly recharged and balanced.


Moor Than Mud Body Wrap

80 minutes for $180
This muscle relieving treatment begins with paraffin therapy for the hands followed by a deep exfoliation cleansing treatment which utilizes aromatherapy salts. Warm aromatic moor mud is then applied to your entire body, relaxing sore muscles, stimulating circulation and relieving stress. This is an excellent treatment to gently dissolve aches and pains from rheumatism and arthritis.


Pomegranate Cran-Apple All Over Body Scrub

50 minutes for $110
Pure cane sugar with potent anti-oxidants derived from organic pomegranate juice combined with whole organic cranberries and apples create a gentle, natural exfoliant that leaves skin deliciously smooth and delectably radiant.


Sugar Butter Body Scrub

20 minutes for $65

Seduce your senses with the sinfully, sweet aroma of orange, vanilla, and grapefruit. This unique body scrub gently exfoliates dry, flaky skin leaving it refreshed, revitalized and oh-soyummy smooth. Add a 20-minute massage to any body wrap or scrub for $55.


Cellulite Therapy

50 minutes $130

Cellulite is an accumulation of toxic wastes within the connective tissue. These detoxifying and slimming treatments can help aid in a cellulite-free body forever.


Skin Rejuvenating Treatments

Tocasierra Signature Facial

50 minutes $140
In addition to our classic facial, the Signature includes paraffin therapy for the hands and a hot oil scalp treatment - with extra massage focusing on feet.


Classic European Facial

50 minutes $110
The perfect combination of cleansing, steaming, extractions, masque and face/hand/feet massage hydrates and purifies the skin revealing a healthy complexion.


Brightening Facial

50 minutes for $115
This facial will diminish dark spots and even out tone and texture.


Deep Cleanse Facial

50 minutes for $120
Perfect for large pores and congested skin. Extra time spent on exfoliating and extractions to help calm irritated acne afflicted skin.


Radiant Stone Facial

50 minutes for $130
The luxurious and powerful treatment melts away daily stresses and stimulates micro-circulation to help draw out impurities and toxins to help prevent new wrinkles from appearing.


Vitamin C Facial

50 minutes for $130
This intensive treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while softening hyperpigmentation. It delivers a brighter and luminous complexion.


Skin Rejuvenating Peel

50 minutes for $130
Receive a consultation and customized peel for your skin type. All peels are results drive and will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Seaweed Facial

50 minutes for $135
This hydrating facial will heal, detoxify, and nourish while gently toning and firming the skin.


Pure Hydration Facial

50 minutes for $140
This hydrating facial boosts moisture while delivering maximum results in a minimum amount of time. The service includes a hydrating and lifting masque which infuses vitamins and antioxidants into the face resulting in brighter and smoother skin.



50 minutes for $130
This is a progressive, non-invasive procedure for skin resurfacing. Natural mineral crystals help gently remove epidermal cells revealing healthier younger looking skin.
Add 20 minutes of Microdermabrasion to any facial for $65.


Relaxing Back Treatment

50 minutes for $120
This treatment focuses on deep cleansing, skin exfoliation, massage and masque therapy for the back. It's perfect for skin challenges in this hard-to-reach area.


Express Facial

20 minutes for $65
A fast and efficient hydrating "pick me up" facial, perfect for all skin types.


Combination Services

Hot Stone Head-to-Toe Body Glow

2 hours for $240
Relax and unwind as warm oil is drizzled over the body and massaged into the skin with heated, smooth basalt stones. Next, a milk and honey scrub is applied to exfoliate, leaving your skin touchable and silky smooth. Foot reflexology treatment is performed to balance the whole body and complete this state of relaxation. This is definitely a must-try treatment.


Re-mineralizing Body Wrap & Seaweed Facial

2 hours $200
Experience this true gift from the sea that will rebalance, re-mineralize, and relax your entire body. This hydrating treatment utilizes seaweed, which is highly rich in minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins. Our seaweed body wrap will naturally stimulate your body's metabolism as it eliminates impurities, leaving the skin satin smooth and glowing. Facial treatment will deliver maximum radiance as it combats the natural aging process. (Not recommended for those sensitive to iodine or shellfish.)


The Face & The Body

2 hours $180
The best of both worlds. It comprises a Swedish Massage and a Custom Blend Facial tailored to fit your individual needs. Not only will you emerge with immaculate, clean, glowing skin, your entire body will feel totally de-stressed and rejuvenated. Looking your best never felt so relaxing.


Green Tea Mint & Peppermint Calming Foot Masque

This refreshing treat contains organic green tea that adds medicinal and detoxifying properties, which further soften and soothe tired feet.

Quartz Pedicure

Individual treatment $65
This amazing pedicure will completely relax and restore your inner peace and harmony. Enjoy the comfort of the heated quartz stones as they gently glide across your feet and legs to improve circulation and soothe tired feet and aching legs. To complete this hydrating experience, an Indonesian Ginger essential oil is massaged into the legs and feet leaving them feeling energized and nourished.



Additional Services

Youthful Lip Smoothing Treatment

This amazing exfoliation and moisturizing treatment visibly smoothes expression lines and wrinkles.


Eye Renewal Treatment

20 minutes for $40
The eyes are the first place to show signs of fatigue and aging. This treatment gives extra care to this delicate area to reduce fine lines, and refresh the look and feel of your eyes.


Paraffin Therapy (hands or feet)

This treatment heats the tissues and muscles to provide pain relief, while leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished to promote a sense of calm being.


Green Tea Mint & Peppermint Calming Foot Masque

This refreshing treat contains organic green tea that adds medicinal and detoxifying properties, which further soften and soothe tired feet.


Foot Massage

Twenty minutes of luxurious bliss for tired, aching feet.


Gentleman's Services

Gentlemen's Pore Minimizing Facial

50 minutes $110
Designed with a man's unique needs in mind, this facial helps the tissue heal from the effects of shaving and revitalizes problematic skin. This treatment will minimize the appearance of fine lines and large pores while eliminating shine for hours, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and ultra-clean.


Relaxing Back Treatment

50 minutes $120
This treatment focuses on deep cleansing, skin exfoliation, massage and masque therapy. It's perfect for skin challenges in this hard to reach area.


Kid's Services

Nap Time Massage

20 minutes $65
A lavender scented massage designed to calm down even the most energy driven children. Therapists providing massage are gender specific and a bathing suit or undergarment is required.


Fruit Punch Scrub

20 minutes $55
Get scrubbed down from head to toe with our flavorsome fruit punch scrub. Come out silky-smooth and glowing like a star.


Cutie Pie Facial

20 minutes $55
A fun way to learn how to keep skin soft and healthy at a young age. This mini-facial is designed to introduce the basics of good skin care. This facial experience includes a thorough cleansing and toning of the skin, a gentle mask with steam and a facial massage.


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